The City of Romulus and Ruins

Buongiorno Roma



Being one of the oldest cities in the world, Rome had much to offer. Random sprouts of 1000 year old city could be found around every other corner. However, there are a lot more corners to be had in Rome than in Florence, which proved confusing at times. The city was built in layers, separated by centuries and various rulers.


The nightlife in Rome is extensive and offers many types of entertainment. There are binge drinking centrals and chill hangouts. I personally prefer the latter. That’s how we ended up at Matebar . This joint harbors easygoing atmosphere, great drinks (including passionfruit mixtures), bob your head and sway kind of music, and fun staff.

Thanks for the stellar time!




The Colosseum is remarkable if not only for its age, but also for the events that unfolded within the walls. Thousands of men died for the name of entertainment and the sake of freedom. Of course this weight remains there, still surrounded by people there to be entertained, and the people, like myself, there simply to find their own sense of freedom.

The Sistine Chapel

Don’t be that person that takes photos despite being told not to. Just look up. For prime 3D experience, lean back enough to feel a bit of discomfort in your back and look straight up. That’s it. Be present. You’ll be blown away.

Saint Peter’s Basilica

Of all the sites available, this one left the biggest impact. I’ve never felt so insignificant yet simultaneously empowered . The mood is so somber it felt as if it was almost a sin to speak above a whisper.


The Pieta was worth the entire trip on its own. Mary’s sadness was tangible, even standing twenty feet away, separated by bulletproof glass. The stillness that exists there in front of it can truly only be compared to that of a room inhabited by a grieving mother and helpless bystanders. Next time you think of the sacrifices made by various saints and martyrs, be sure to remember the raw discord that occurs when a mother must see her child die. Remember Mary.

giphy (13).gif
Whatever proportions you have in your head about the size of things in this church are wrong. The quill in the man’s hand of the painting is at least as long as those people on the balcony are tall. From where I was I imagined it was about 2 feet long. I was certainly wrong. 


Trevi Fountain


Trevi Fountain, the “must stop and take a photo” spot for most every tourist. Granted, it’s quite the backdrop for said photo.

Legend says

Toss one coin over your shoulder to return to Rome.

Toss a second coin to find love.

Toss a third coin for a divorce.

Being a tourist, I tossed my one coin.

According to legend, I’ll be returning to Rome.

Buona serata!


giphy (12).gif


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  1. ML Crowder says:

    What an adventure for you!!


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