Livorno & the Sea


For 20 euro (plus pastry cost) I explored Livorno. 12 hours before our departure I had no idea where I was to go. All I knew is I wanted, no, needed saltwater exposure. Being so far from my most familiar beaches of the panhandle of Florida, I was feeling a bit homesick. Can one miss such a thing as the sea? Can confirm, that’s a yes. Anyways I pulled up a map and found Livorno there on the boundary of blue and green and made my decision.

Once there, the salty air led me home.

giphy (8).gif
Finding the sea was awful similar to walking through my front door




Honestly there was nothing particularly or typically remarkable here. Certainly not a spring break destination, but I think that’s precisely why I found it so satisfying. There is an old military fort here I believe. We weren’t able to explore too thoroughly, so I hope to return.


So cheers to the sea, my familiar friend.



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