Buongiorno Firenze


My first few days here have been hectic and full of adventure already from boarding my first plane to Europe to asking a local for directions in Italian. Florence is home to astonishing structures and an eccentric culture. It’s shocking to go from plazas and strip malls to castles and cathedrals, but I’m certainly not complaining.

The Arno River


My apartment is on Via dei Benci, right above a cavern of a convenience store owned by a local man named Money who is an absolute delight. I share my space with four other girls in this humbly furnished space. The high ceilings and delicate details make it seem a bit luxurious at times actually. The quirks that come with Italian living take some getting used to, but I appreciate the immersion.

Pro-tip: Don’t take hot showers and the freedom to control your thermostat for granted.

From my bedroom window I have a view of neighboring apartments topped with 100 year old tiles, with a backdrop featuring Basilica di Santa Croce.


Sidenote: Europeans write their date day-month-year, which makes more sense but can cause minor confusion. Keep this in mind as we document this journey.

Today we made the hike across the Arno to Piazzale Michelangelo, home of a panoramic shot of Florence.


Above this is a monastery, which I will further detail here upon a more in depth look. I hope to visit the interior soon, as fascinated as I am by the secluded monk lifestyle.

Gusta Pizza, located across the Arno, has INSANELY good pizza and incredibly kind owners.

Until next time,


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