Down in New Orleans

New Orleans is the embodiment of my soul. I’ve only been once & that’s the biggest shame I know. When you walk down the narrow, probably a little crusty, streets you become the blood in the vein of the city whose heart beats the loudest. 12924421_10207327904410861_5025901668882660969_n

The square is home to artists of all kinds, displaying their talent for a living. You can’t take photos of their work due to copyrights, however one generous soul let me capture their cart that they sold from. As you can see, here in New Orleans the art is everywhere. 

Vibrant and loud, the city seems to wander within itself. Look closely and feel intensely because nowhere have I ever felt so present in the past.


Take the ghost tour. There are many, often all the same. Understand its past and let yourself fall for the tricks of the hand and elusive shadows.

There are two kinds of spirits here, indulge in one, or both.

I hit Cafe du Monde late that evening to fuel up for the night’s shenanigans in the French Quarter. I suggest doing the same. You gotta keep that vibe going to dance all night.

There’s art, so much artimage_6483441

We found a hole in the wall sort of bar that let us in (19 years old at the time)

A blues cover band was jamming.

I could hardly tell if I was being engulfed by cigarette smoke or the soul of the music.

New Orleans is a raw place full of drunks, garbage, voodoo

& also the artists, culture, gumbo, and music

All these things are one & the same


I’ll see you again, New Orleans.



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